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In the meantime, ENERGY4U has more than 13 years of experience in applying SAP for Utilities products. Our know-how covers all fields of IS-U. Of course, this includes the core components as well as the current challenges - embracing everything from device management to current account, from pressure workbench to EDM, from data model to unbundling. The fact that we think ahead and can demonstrate completely new approaches is revealed in our high competence in current special topics, such as enterprise asset management, implementation of deregulation with IDEX, introduction of smart metering and E mobility, management of mobile solutions.

ENERGY4U GmbH is active for numerous companies in Germany, Europe and the USA. Again and again, this fact reveals that despite similar areas of business and processes every energy-supply company has its own corporate culture. And, the processes are developed specifically as well. For this reason, the various profiles of requirement of our customers do not permit standardised processes. The success of ENERGY4U is based not only on the high competence in the energy sector, but also on the claim of being able to cope with the high expectations of various customers with individually tailor-made optimal solution strategies.

In combination with many years of experience in the SAP R/3 field, the high information technology potential of the staff members as well as the well-founded commercial knowledge of the specific problems in the power-supply branch makes ENERGY4U the ideal partner for all power-supply companies.