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David, Young Professional

When you come straight from university, you do not have any detailed ideas as a rule of which tasks and challenges you will be up to in the project life of an IT consultant.

My expectation with respect to diversity of the subjects and the co-operation with the customer have been fulfilled at any rate, however. Every project brings along other creative challenges, and no work day resembles the other. The close contact to the customer, which is quickly established to the specialist departments in particular, and the trust expressed, has surprised me positively. Apart from a wide spread internal and external training catalogue, the exchange of knowledge within the teams and the units at ENERGY4U is very pronounced and an important part of the corporate culture.

In particular, I like that apart from technical further development options there are also training sessions concentrating on methodical subjects, such as project and conflict management. The working atmosphere at Energy4U impressed me very much right from the very first minute. Contact amongst each other is very relaxed and faraway from any conventions. For this reason, a "friendly atmosphere” set in very quickly, which according to my opinion is the basis for a positive working environment.

Steffen, Managing Consultant

The projects as well as the tasks linked to them are high interesting, thrilling and varied. Permanently there are possibilities to take over more responsibility as well as to broaden the horizon. In the process flexibility and creative freedom is encouraged.

Together with the staff members, measurable and realistic targets are agreed upon every year. In the process personal career models are worked out in order to draw up individual development possibilities. Subsequently regular feedback talks are held.

Know-how is built up in personal talks, in recurrent session on exchange of knowledge in teams as well as in internal and external training sessions.

For our success, numerous influencing factors are important, whereby friendly co-operation is always in the foreground. Apart from teamwork we stand out primarily for a mix of branch know-how, technical knowledge, creativity, target orientation and involvement. Apart from the friendly relationship, flat hierarchies are a very important success factor with short decision-making channels. Thus we strongly identify ourselves at Energy4U.

Albert, Career Changer

My expectation in the projects and customers have been more than fulfilled at ENERGY4U. An important factor that I feel very well here are the different projects in various fields at interesting customers.

By the way, in the past I could not imagine to carry out an activity which would involve travelling, and today I could hardly imagine anything else.

With internal and external training sessions as well as expert session for team-internal transfer of know-how, I have the opportunity permanently to develop my hard and soft skills.

As the “grandpa of the team” I have a lot of fun working with my predominantly younger colleagues. The nice atmosphere, the respectful and friendly company make working very pleasant. Flat hierarchies, in which different rolls can be taken depending on the project (project manager today, and provider tomorrow), enable short decision-making. A lot of value is attached to self-responsible work. As a new staff member especially, all colleagues show that you are really welcome.

Thomas, Consultant

What I like very much at ENERGY4U, those are the open teams with short routes to decision.

There is no thinking as a profit centre of the individual fields and thus good exchange amongst one another is always ensured.

Moreover there are many thrilling projects, in which responsibility can be taken over quickly, permitting to grow by its tasks.